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Our Mission

Our Mission

“The National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking spearheads the country’s national response to trafficking and is committed to combat trafficking in persons in all its forms. Under Vision 2030, the Kingdom is committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in the Kingdom -- barring none. The fight against trafficking is a key part of realizing this vision.”

Statement from the Head of the Committee

“The strengthening of anti-trafficking measures is a major part of the Kingdom’s human rights reform agenda. The wide array of reforms underway – from advances in women’s rights, penal reforms, and anti-trafficking reforms – shows that the Kingdom is truly committed to making itself a better place for all those within its borders, whether here permanently or temporarily. Human trafficking is an affront to the dignity of all humanity, and it is our duty to combat this heinous crime.”

Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Alawwad 

Chair of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking

President of the Human Rights Commission