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Hotlines and Shelters


The Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Organization for Migration, launched a "national referral mechanism" that defines best practices and methods for dealing with cases of trafficking in persons, and coordinates between the concerned authorities in the Kingdom by assigning their roles and responsibilities. The National Referral Mechanism is a cooperative framework that helps government officials coordinate their efforts to combat trafficking crimes, protect actual or potential trafficking victims in the Kingdom, and regulate the investigation and prosecution process against suspected perpetrators.

The launch of the Trafficking in Persons Crime Committee website is an important step in facilitating trafficking victims' access to existing resources and providing them with direct contact with the authorities. The secret trafficking status reporting service on the site is designed for people who have information about potential trafficking crimes in the Kingdom, and this service will soon include a 24-hour hotline and a mobile phone application, where work is currently underway to develop these two additions.

Police – 999 or 911
Human Rights Commission Call Center – 19922
MHRSD General Hotline – 19911
Ministry of Justice Unified Communications Portal – 1950
National Family Safety Program Child Protection Hotline – 116111
MHRSD Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – 1919


Shelters Official

Central Office, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

Mr. Ali Kaam

Phone: +966 50 454 9702    Email: