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  • HRC President: KSA IS
    Working with all
    capabilities to combat
    human trafficking crimes
  • Saudi Arabia Upgraded
    in US State Department’s
    Annual Trafficking in
    Persons Report
  • UNODC virtually launches
    new measures on Anti-
    in Saudi Arabia

About The Committee

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Committee is the organization responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Saudi framework

What is Trafficking?

What is Trafficking?

Trafficking in persons: Use, recruitment, transportation, harboring ...

Recognizing Trafficking

Recognizing Trafficking

Many situations we see in our daily lives might contain signs of a case of trafficking in persons


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Yerramma rests after a mile walk carrying Lalitha on her hip and this heavy container of water on her head. Thanks to a new well drilled by OBI teams however, this young family will now have safe access to clean water.

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