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National Referral Mechanism

In March 2020, the Kingdom launched its first-ever National Referral Mechanism. The mechanism specifies and coordinates the roles and responsibilities of all relevant Saudi authorities in the identification and protection of victims and the investigation and prosecution of trafficking-in-persons crimes. In other words, it is a collaborative framework that helps ensure better cooperation in the fight against trafficking.


The National Referral Mechanism will enable key players to assist victims throughout six stages:

Stage 1: Initial Identification

Stage 2: Rescue, Transfer and Registration of the Victim

Stage 3: Investigation and Prosecution (Formal and Legal Determination)

Stage 4: Protection and Assistance

Stage 5: Durable Solutions (Including Voluntary Return of the Victim)

Stage 6: Integration or Reintegration of the Victim


Read more about the National Referral Mechanism in our Executive Summary: