1. Tasks of the Committee

The Committee is the organization responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Saudi framework to combat trafficking in persons. Its purposes include:

1- Monitoring the situation of victims of trafficking in persons to ensure that they are not exposed to abuse again;

2-  Establishing a policy that urges active search for victims and training of personnel in victim identification techniques;

3- Coordinating with the competent authorities to return victims to their native countries, namely their countries of nationality, or to any place of residence in another country if they so request;

4- Making a recommendation to keep victims in the Kingdom and to settle their legal conditions to enable them to work if necessary; such recommendation – upon approval – shall be subject to review pursuant to the same procedures each year as a maximum;

5-  Preparing research, information, media campaigns and socioeconomic initiatives to prevent and combat trafficking in persons;

6- Coordinating with state agencies regarding information and statistics related to crimes of trafficking in persons.

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